“I have been working with Vu for 8 months.  He is a great trainer. He is a very positive and caring person.  I really enjoy his personality. The training sessions are always fun and challenging.  Glad I found him”

-Ashley T.


“Vu is awesome! I’m dropping pounds and having fun doing it. Our sessions are informative and very helpful. He listens and provides feedback. This is my first experience with a personal trainer and he has made me wonder why I didn’t sign up long ago! I leave the session feeling great and looking forward to the next one. Highly recommend for anyone looking to make change in their life. He is very patient and smart. Lets keep local businesses strong!”

-Forrest C.


“Going to Zen Fitness has really changed things for me. Having Vu there at a certain time, makes me go, even days I might not want to get out of bed yet. He changes up the workout to target different areas, & makes sure my form is right! He also gets to know you as a person, & works to help you achieve your goals! I’m so glad I decided to start going to Zen Fitness!”

-Tammy V.


“This is most friendly, non-judgmental workout experience I have ever had. I have had numerous gym memberships even the one that claims not to be a gym and I have had 4 personal trainers over the years and this is by far the best. I feel so good after class, I want to come back which for me, is amazing. I learn something new each class whether it be about diet or mindset. Highly suggest. Wish I had joined sooner.”

-Tracy B.


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