Class Schedule


Small Group Fitness Class Offers:  High-Quality Instruction, friendly & supportive Environment.

30 Minutes Classes

Monday-Friday: Morning Classes

  •                                1.) 6:00 AM – Goodbye Stress Yoga/Meditation
  •                               2.) 6:35 AM – Fire at Fat Class



Fire at Fat Class– Using high intensity exercises to quickly burn large amount of unwanted fat.  Start off with running to warm up the body.  Then move to cone drill exercises to increase the heart rate.  Finally, finish the class with fast lunges to maintain a high heart rate.

Benefits: Lose weight, burn fat, & increase metabolism

Muscle Sculpting Class Focus on weighted exercises to sculpt the muscles & increase energy.  Start off with light weighted dumbbells to warm up the muscles.  Then increase the weights & repetitions to sculpt & grow muscle.

Benefits: Increase energy, tone body, build muscle, & increase strength

Rejuvenated Class  This class is a combination of  the Fire at Fat & Body Sculpting Class.  The 1st half of the class focus on high intensity exercises, while the 2nd half of the class focus on weighted exercises.

Benefits: Weight loss, burn fat & calories, increase energy, tone the body, & build muscle

Goodbye Stress Class It is a variety of physical & energetic practices that can be found within the Zen Buddhist tradition.  Start the class with mindful breathing exercise.  After the body is relaxed from the breath exercise, then begin yoga.  Finally, end the class with meditation exercises.

Benefits: Energy boost, stress reduction, & improve overall mental health